What People Say

“Totally enjoyed the … experience. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Would definitely do it again”
- James Box

“It was an awesome experience, instructors were friendly and knowledgeable and the whole thing was generally great.”
- Rafael Lopez

“Our activity afternoon with the crew from Rally Drive was action packed, we would highly recommend this to other corporate groups. The hot laps got the adrenalin pumping and then the time trials really challenged the guys to test their skills behind the wheel! Everyone who drove got to live out their dreams at the hands of professionals who gave great driving tips and lessons. A must for any team wanting a Rally RUSH and a good way to bond.”
- Michelle Brown, The Good Guys

“Hi, I gave this experience to my husband as a gift from his two children for Father’s Day. He said it was the best father’s Day present ever. He was nervous at the beginning, but once he got going, he was all pumped up. It was a thrill of a life time. The organisers were very friendly and professional. Safety was a key issue which was important for me and they were very family minded, allowing photo’s to be taken of my kids in the car. Would definitely do it again!”
 - Jennifer Rodezno

“A quick note of thanks Peter for a great day yesterday. Craig being quite hard to please, I wasn’t too sure what he would think. But he loved it and has even more admiration for those mad rally drivers. The extra spoil of the hot laps was also appreciated, he doesn’t often make a great passenger!!
We hope we might head out there for another go in the not too distant future. Congratulations on a great activity of which we will be recommending to our friends and family.”
 - Rebecca.”

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great day yesterday. The experience was fantastic. My co driver Johnny was great. I was very nervous but he was so encouraging and the praise made me feel more confident. I am looking forward to my next drive!”
- Amanda Shepherd”

“Just some feed back on the rally drive that myself and my son Andrew attended on Sunday . I thought your team were great they made Andrew and I fell very welcome. The co driver that we had in the Magna that we drove was exceptional.”
- Anthony Caelli

“It was a ‘grouse’ experience!  I absolutely loved it!  I’ve actually been thinking of taking up rally driving but I believe it would be an expensive exercise.  Julian’s encouragement to continue really made me think about it even more.”
- Ralph Di Giacomo

“Thanks again for the great day at the rally drive, had a great time.”
- Simon Watts

“I had a blast with you all while down under the Rally was a very awesome thing to do on my honeymoon, I do not know of anyone around here who would have that as a choice to go do. If you are ever interested in expanding the Rallydrive to the States here would be an amazing market of fresh Virgin rookies, who would die to tear some dirt up. Once again thank you for the fun.”
- Erik Essert

“The drive was a surprise Xmas present for me and boy was it a surprise. From the checking in right through to the drive itself ( awesome, fantastic and all them words ). I would like to send a great big THANK YOU for a fantastic time and  something I will cherish. Keep up the good work.”
- Graham Wressell

“I had a fantastic day thanks Adrian, got a smile a mile wide.”
- Ian Bright